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Dance Notes


Dance Notes


Alunelul de la Danetsi

Dance Notes


This is an Albanian dance taught to us by Erik Bendix in 1998.

Dance Notes

NOTE for Dance Leaders

The transition between steps is called by the leader.   Here are some tips about better times to call the transitions.

The music has four measures of introduction (12 counts).

After that, the music is in 8 measure phrases  (inside 16 measure phrases inside 32 measure phrases).

Step 1 is 5 measures, so you will be dancing across the phrase while doing it.

Step 3 is 16 measures long (8 in each direction).   It feels better if Step 3 matches the phrase.

Step 2 is some odd number of measures (3 or 5 or 7 or 9).


So – do Step 1 some odd number of times, and then do Step 2 until you get to the end of an 8 bar phrase, then do step 3.



   Step 1   5 times plus Step 2 for 7 measures (3 times)   gets you to a 32 bar phrase.


  Step 1   3 times plus Step 2 for 9 measures (4 times)   gets you to a 24 bar phrase.