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Introduction to the HIFD Code of Conduct

HIFD is adopting a formalized Code of Conduct in order to ensure that our dances are welcoming events where everyone can feel comfortable. The Code of Conduct is not intended to impose new requirements on attendees, nor is it in response to any problems that have occurred.

The Code of Conduct is modeled on codes recently adopted by various affiliates of the Texas International Folk Dancers, of which HIFD is one. To ensure that we are prepared to act and that we treat everyone fairly, the HIFD Safety Committee has a companion set of processes and procedures for responding to incidents (available on request).

There are several individuals trained to respond to issues, called the Safety Team, who will be identified at dances by a special name badge. You can also email safety@folkdancers.org or contact a board member.

A summary of the Code of Conduct will be at the sign in table for each HIFD dance. Full copies will also be available at every dance. The Code of Conduct is also available here on our website, and will be emailed annually to those who get our regular emails.

Read the full code of conduct.