English Country Dancing in Brunswick 

  Alternate Wednesdays till end of October

Last dance this Wednesday.   Planning to recume in May.

All dances will be taught and called, with the level of difficulty adjusted to match the attendees experience levels, but the primary target is people with prior dance experience (ECD, Contra, Square, Scottish, or IFD).   You don't need to bring a partner.  

The dance will be open to the general public – vaccinations and  full set of boosters required.  Starting Aug 1 we are alternating between masks strongly recommended and masks required.  Schedule to the right.

If possible, email a record of your vaccination to jnjbloom@gmail.com   Otherwise be prepared to show it at the door.  Please read the Covid Policy.

We will dance from 7:00 to 9:00.  Doors open at 6:45 - try come early enough to sign in and change your shoes and be ready to start at 7:00.  Cost will be $5.

Dances will be at People Plus, 35 Union St in Brunsick (at Cumberland). There is a nice dance floor in an air conditioned room with a good sound system and ventilation (open windows). We will use recorded music for now. That means you will be dancing to the best musicians in the world. Also I will also have the flexibility to adjust the program on the fly as needed. 

FYI, I have been calling ECD for over 10 years, running the ECD group in Houston.  I have studied with great callers like Joseph Pimentel and Joanna Reiner. And we had a great season last summer in Brunswick.  So it will be good.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

John Bloom,  jnjbloom@gmail.com

Save the date Oct 19 for an event with Alchemy - worlds best ECD band.

A concert at 6:30 followed by a dance.  At 317 Main in Yarmouth.

Brunswick Dance dates

Wed May 3
Wed May 17
Wed May 31
Wed June 7
Tue June 20
Tue July 18
Tue Aug 1
Tue Aug 15
Tue Aug 29
Wed Sep 13
Wed Sep 27
Wed Oct 11
Thursday, Oc 19th - special dance with ALCHEMY
Wed Oct
25 - masks strongly recomended

Click here for a list of dances done (and planned)

We recommend you come at 6:45 to be ready to dance at 7:00.  Especially important for new dancers to come early.

Ideally, email your vaccination record in advance.

read the updated Covid Policy.