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Some interesting vidoes on YouTube

KCIM - this is a dance from Texas Camp 2014 that we learned (but stopped doing).  The video is from an Albanian wedding in Kosovo.   Note the different variations that the leader does,  how the young dancers are doing a much simpler step,  and that the women start a different step when they join in.   (Not clear how they can dance on grass in spike heels.)  You should also recognize the tune.
 YouTube vidoe of KCIM

Valle Osman Takas - this is another Albanian dance from Texas Camp that we've been working on lately.   Be sure to watch until the end, to see the signature move of this dance.  (I'm not going to ever do that, by the way.)  
Note that the main line of dancers is doing a single simple step - not the four variations that we learned.  (But other videos show other basic steps - so all the ones we learned are reasonably authentic.)
The costumes from this part of Albania look very similar to Greek ones.    You can read a bit more about the dance, which Albanians and Greeks dance it, and the history of the man Osman Takas at
 YouTube vidoe of Valle Osman Takas